If you would like to join our committee and assist with continued development of your local youth football club please read through the roles and the responsibilities and contact the Chairman or Secretary.  Applications forms can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.


Provide leadership and direction for the Club.

Chair the committee meetings and AGM, assist the Secretary to produce the agendas and head the Committee in making decisions for the benefit of the whole Club including disciplinary matters. Oversee the work of the Club Committee. Advocate of the football Club for the local community. 


To act for the Chairperson at committee meetings, when the Chairperson is not able to attend a committee meeting. Oversee the work of the Club Commitee. Advocate of the football Club for the local community


The main purpose of this job is that of principal administrator for the Club. The Secretary carries out or delegates all the administrative duties that enable the club and its members to function effectively. Official contact between Cub and County FA and other clubs. Deals with club affiliation and league membership. Retain minutes of meetings for official club records. Support teams and officials, as necessary.


The main purpose of this job is to look after the finances of the club. Create annual income and expenditure sheets and balance sheets. Create and maintain a cash book. Ensure all payments and fines are paid on time and recorded.


To be clear about the clubs responsibilities when running activities for children and young people. This involves:

• Ensuring these responsibilities are well understood by others;

• Working with the Youth League Welfare Officer (YLWO);

• Working with your County FA Welfare Officer;

 • Promoting The FA’s RESPECT Programme and helping to develop best practice processes.

• To help club personnel understand what their duty of care towards children and young people actually means and entails on a day-to-day basis.


To support the Club Secretary in recording committee meetings and AGM minutes.


To help raise funds for the Club. Coordinating fund-raising events, with a minimum of two major events a year. Ensuring events and activities are properly licensed with local authorities. Ensuring that funds are properly accounted for and information is passed on to the Treasurer. Selling of lottery style draws/raffles.


To uphold club constitution and codes of conduct​a and attend Club Management Meetings.

Arrange team selection for training and match day.  Organisation of coaching/training at club once per week.  Organisation of transport for team matches. Arrange team kit and equipment (including laundry, parents usually take turns).  Reporting results to Club Secretary after matches and liaising with parents, carers and parent representatives.

Assistant Manager to support/deputise for team manager and help organise training each week


To provide and encourage a communication line for parents/carers and players to express their views
Communicating club news and policies to the parents/carers and players as required by the team manager
Provide information and feed back to team manager, parents/carers and players
Assist manager with organising volunteering for fundraising, tuck shop and club annual events
Attend Club Management Meetings along with the Team Manager if they wish to or to deputise for the Team Manager if requested, if they are unable to attend.  Be a good role model.  Encourage good team spirit


To coordinate the registration of all players, ensuring the correct paperwork is processed and all fees are paid.
To ensure all players are correctly registered with Debenham Youth FC.  To ensure all players are correctly registered with the relevant leagues. To ensure all fees are paid in full and agree exceptions with the Treasurer.


To implement, oversee, monitor, and evaluate the delivery of the Charter Standard programme and deliver an effective football strategy for all age groups within the Club Commitment.          
Responsibilities include
1. Compiling League Development plan and other requirements of Charter Standard Leagues
2. Subject matter expected of Charter Standard Requirements at League and Club level    
4. Liaise with the Charter Standard officers at the County FA Coordinating, collating, and developing the evidence required for the Club to achieve Charter Standard status.  
5. Coordinating the production and delivery of a Club development plan, if required (Development & Community Clubs).  
6. Ensuring that coaches qualifications & club policies are kept up to date by using the FA's Member Services system (this could also be done by the Child Welfare Officer)  
7.  Ensuring that there are the human and financial resources to deliver on the development plan    
8. In co-ordination with the Welfare Officer ensure all managers, parents, players, coaches club officials are aware of the RESPECT programme and ensure the clubs takes pro-­‐active steps in its implementation throughout all the teams.    
9. To devise, manage and review a football strategy that continues to move the Club forward.      
10. To maintain the Club ethos and vision on Player development and how the game is played.  
11. Ensure the number of teams playing for the Club is in line with the development plan and provides football for all abilities.  
12. To improve communication on footballing matters.  
13. To improve the level of coaching within the Club and provide support to those that need coaching development.  
15. Identify and share best practices.