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Debenham Youth Football Club is a community club aiming to give children from our local community the chance to play football.


We are always looking for new players, irrespective of skill and experience, boys and girls.

We have teams in a range of age groups from U7s to U18s, we also have girls teams at U10s, U13s and U15s.


All mixed teams play in the Suffolk Youth Football League on a Saturday. 

The girls play in the Suffolk Girls and Women's League on a Sunday. 

If you have younger children looking to get involved in football for the first time, Little Stingers runs on a Wednesday at the Debenham Sports and Leisure Centre from 4:15pm to 5:00pm.

For more information or if you wish to join our coaching staff please get in touch.

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Debenham Youth Football 
Club Philosophy

Who are we: Debenham Youth Football Club has a proud reputation for providing a friendly atmosphere for boys and girls from the community to learn and play football in a safe and encouraging environment. As a club we are aiming to develop a distinct and recognisable culture based on clear values and beliefs. The diversity of the players from the community is to be celebrated.

Fair Playing time: Fair playing time is a core value. We do not believe anyone develops by standing on the side lines and watching. That said, it is about the effort that players put in and their attitude on and off the pitch. Turning up at training, joining in, listening to the coaches and respecting other players, respecting officials are also part of the deciding factors for fair playing times. Skills alone will not guarantee you pitch time!

Attitude to Compete: We want every player to demonstrate the attitude to compete. This is even against sides where it is unlikely you will get a result. Football should be about learning and developing and taking small victories to boost and maintain team spirit and constant development. Having the right attitude is paramount. Compete fairly with passion and RESPECT.

Love playing for the Club: We want every player to love playing for the Club. We want players who are committed to the team, to the overall effort, and then most of all, enjoy playing for the Club. Creating the environment where this can happen is critical to our success, and the Club and its committee are focused on this. We aim for all players to have pride in the Club and the Debenham Badge.

Commitment: Being committed is more than just turning up on match days. We want players and families taking part and putting in effort to support the players, the team, the Club and individuals. Commitment brings success, and success breeds success both and off the playing field. Just helping at match days, training or social events helps our Club operate better for everyone. Each team needs to be successful in order for the Club as a whole to be successful. We will aim to do that through support and the infrastructure we put in place to support all our teams.

Nurturing talent: We will strive to ensure that talent is nurtured to the best possible extent whilst it is within our control. We will attempt to recognise talent and ensure we do everything possible to continue that development in the interest of the player.

Football Expectations: We want all our children to play as much football as possible, at the correct level for them and in the right team, and we will never ask any player to leave the club due to ability. But also, no parent or player will be allowed to demand a place in any team; we trust our coaches and managers to be fair and impartial, and to do the best thing for each child’s development, even if this means a child moving to a different team at the club, or to training only until they are ready for competitive football.

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Debenham Sports and Leisure Centre, IP14 6BL

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